Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The time it was a readathon

Hi guys!

So, apparently, Liza Wiemer at WhoRuBlog does an annual holiday #readathon and this year I'm going to participate! [Thank you, Jaime for tweeting about it!!]

As the pretty picture says, it's from December 6th-8th and the amount you choose to read [as well as what you read] is entirely up to you, just make sure you use #readathon while tweeting your progress!  Head over to Liza's blog to sign up and get more of the details.  There's also all sorts of mini-challenges and giveaways!

Will you be joining us? [The answer to this is yes.]


  1. Good luck, Stacee! I fail at read-a-thons but am sure you will kick butt. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks! I am usually fail as well, but I'm hoping that just the idea of it not being a set amount or a specific thing will help. Have a happy thanksgiving too!

  2. Good luck withthe readathon! I'm not sure if I will participate yet...



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