Saturday, October 29, 2011

The time I first went into Mysterious Galaxy

I don't remember how I got into the Beautiful Creatures series.  All I do know is that Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl were doing a signing at the Mysterious Galaxy store in San Diego.  I went down to the store a few days before the signing to buy the second book they were promoting, Beautiful Darkness, and get some information on how the signing was going to work.

I ended up also buying a hardcover version of Beautiful Creatures that was already signed. Apparently, [as I was told by one of the people who worked at MG] during the first book tour, Kami and Margie each had "Gatlin County Library" stamps they would use while signing.  Somehow, they were told that they couldn't use them any more.  That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

As it got closer to the signing, I started talking to Kami online.  Asking questions here and there about the books, the signing, etc.  She was always so friendly and quick to answer.  She also told me that I needed to make sure I told her who I was at the signing, that they both love to meet the people they talk to online, yet no one really introduces themselves.

On the night of the event for Beautiful Darkness, there was a small group of people.  Far less of a turn out than I was expecting.  Somehow, that made it infinitely better.  Kami and Margie are amazing women.  They are funny, entertaining and definitely know how to hold an audience captive.  There was a Q&A and they gave the background of how they started writing, along with their writing process. Kami also called me out in front of everyone as being someone she talked to online [cue the blushing embarrassment].

Along with signing my copy of Beautiful Darkness,

They gave me a book trailer poster of my girl, Ridley.  Also signed.

As I now had books one and two signed, I knew I would be getting the other two for the series signed as well.  It was just a matter of waiting for them to be released.

The time I didn't meet Heather Brewer.

At the 2010 Comic-con, we saw a lot of people who were carrying around tote bags with a smiley vampire face on it.  Every time I saw one, I would stop the person and ask where they got it.  No one seemed to remember.  My husband probably wanted to kill me because it became a mission.  I didn't know what it was for, but it didn't matter. I had to have one.

Finally, we got some specific directions from a mom and her kids [who ALL had one] and happened upon the Penguin books booth.  The two women working the booth gave us a bag and informed us that there would be a different color handed out every day.  One of them went on to inform us they were promotional items for The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.  The last book in the series was due to be released and each color represented one of the books.

We ended up getting 4 of the 5 colors.  No preview night passes that year. 

Life after Comic-con went on and I didn't think about the books again.

Flash forward a few weeks. 

I was walking through a B&N, flipping through a book and I literally ran into a table.  After looking around to see if anyone noticed what happened [no, thank goodness], I looked down and saw the table was covered with the Vlad Tod books.  Not only that, but they were on sale.  I decided to go ahead and buy the first 2.  If I liked them, I would come back and buy the other ones.

I loved them.  I think I read through the 4 books in 3 days. 

I did an online search for the author, Heather Brewer, and found out that she was doing a signing for the last book... I called the store she was appearing at and ordered a personalized copy. 

While I didn't get to meet Heather, I did get an excellent ending to the series and an autograph.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The time I was floored by RuPaul

I've always been a huge RuPaul fan.  And I loooooove drag queens.  Somehow I found out that he was going to be signing his book Workin' It!: RuPaul's Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style at Obelisk in Hillcrest.  Tickets and books were bought, camera batteries were immediately charged.

On the day of the signing, we got down there about 90 minutes before it was about to start.  There was already a line of people about a block and a half long. We got some Starbucks and waited.  Once it started, the line moved quickly.  Two waist high tables were set up towards the back of the store and RuPaul [appearing as himself, not as his drag personality] stood at one, dressed impeccably in a suit and glasses. Another man stood at the second table.

There was someone at the head of the line who wrote down everyone's name on a sticky note for personalization.  Instead of having him sign the title page, I opted to have a chapter signed where my one of my favorite looks from Drag Race was depicted. 

He was very gracious with my specific request.  I did tell him that I loved that particular look and that it was one of my favorites from the season.  The entire time I was at the table, my husband was taking pictures.  After he signed, I asked RuPaul if we could get a picture together.

I was a bit surprised when he answered, "I believe you already got one".

I'm sure my mouth probably dropped.

However, he did take the picture with me. 

I can't find it.

The time I was kissed by Russell Brand.

I'm pretty sure the first book signing I ever went to was Russell Brand.  I've always liked him and my husband found out the day before that he was doing an appearance at the B&N at the Grove in Orange County.  We drove up, on a whim, not actually expecting to get tickets. 

The B&N at the Grove is huge.  I mean, it's 3 stories with escalators, huge.  We were able to get wristbands for the event [after buying 2 copies of My Booky Wook].  They moved everyone upstairs and the line up was already wrapped around the upper level. 

When Russell showed up [amazingly on time], he refused to go straight to the podium, instead choosing to walk through the audience. Armed with a microphone, he provided commentary on the appearance of the people in line.  He would ask questions to people and then walk away before they answered.

After about 10 minutes of his aimlessly wandering about, he went to the area they had set up for him. He ditched the podium altogether and instead sat right on the the table. Russell did a quick talk about the book itself before he read a small passage.  He explained that he'd rather be able to spend some time with each of the people who waited for him instead of reading the book we all had purchased.

As soon as those words were out of his mouth, people started scrambling.  There wasn't any sort of organization at first.  People were shoving and getting angry, security did nothing.  And then... velvet ropes magically appeared.  People were queueing up, 10 at a time behind these velvet ropes.  That is were security was.  That is where the rules begain. 

We were allowed to take pictures while in the velvet rope section. Absolutely no pictures WITH Russell. Have the book open to where it was to be signed. When we got up to the security guy, we had to stop. One by one, security let people go through.  There was an "on-deck" position before actually getting to Russell.  We watched his interaction with the various people, but you couldn't actually hear what he was saying to them. He kissed some girls, hugged others.

And then it was my turn....

I walked up to him, a little shy.  He is so rambunctious in his stand up and television appearances, I wasn't sure what to expect.  He took over right away. Asked my name, shook my hand and immediately thanked me for buying the book and taking my time to see him.

At some point, the book left my hands, he signed it and handed it back.

I honestly can't remember all of what the conversation was about, I was swooning over the accent.  I do remember being surprised how well mannered and well spoken he was. 

And then he kissed me.

On the lips.

Just one, quick little peck. But still...

He kissed me.

I remember walking away, after saying thank you.  I walked a few feet away from the table and stopped, waiting for my husband.  Security started semi-harassing me, trying to make me leave.  Once I explained that I was waiting for the person talking to Russell at that moment, they let me stay.  Russell and my husband talked about us being married for [at that time] 10 years.  I think he inscribed something about that in my husband's book.  He then hugged my husband, full on arms and legs wrapped around him.

Security then forced us to leave the bookstore.

Russell Brand was a fun first experience for an author event.  I haven't seen or been a part of anything quite as crazy as that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The time I started a blog

First off, this idea is all LeAnna's. 

LeAnna works at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach.  I stopped there to pick up an autographed book I had ordered online, since I was unable to attend the signing.  We got to talking about all of the book signings I had been going to during the week [4 in 4 days] and she suggested that I start a blog, chronicling all of the authors I had met. She even said that I should find a mascot/doll/icon to use and have the various authors pose with it when taking pictues.  [I haven't quite gotten that far].

I have just gotten into the whole idea of going to book signings and getting things autographed.  I really like it. I like hearing about the author's writing process and who their favorite character is to write, among other things.

I'm going to try to make a habit of going...  At least then I'll have things to post about.

I don't know if I will actually keep up on this.

I don't know if anyone will read this.

I do know that I tend to get a bit wordy. 

I apologize in advance.

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