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The time it was about friendship

Today's post as a Throne of Glass Ambassador focuses on friendship.  And what better way to discuss the relationships in Throne of Glass than to have two of my favorite people weigh in on the topic with me.

So, without further ado, please help me welcome Michelle and Christina to the blog!

Annnnnnnd, here we go.  First up?


Michelle: The friendship between Dorian and Celaena was surprisingly easy. While they both were held back by their social stature, they found commonalities that made their conversations easy. Not always in close proximity within each other, Dorian and Celaena always found humor and a laissez-faire attitude in their discussions. While Dorian was a crown prince, he never took his role too seriously when with Celaena. It reminds me of my friendships online. It’s easy to converse with many people, never including where you are from or what you do. It’s simple.

Christina: I appreciated the ease in which they fell into a playful friendship, even when there was the possibility for more between them lurking below the surface. Like Michelle said, when they were together, it was easy for both characters to forget their commitments to the crown and their obligations of their titles and just be who they wanted to be-- book lovers that came alive and closer together through their humor and snark. I feel like this is a quality that I share with Stacee and Michelle, and our friendship is strengthened because of our love for all things bookish and snarky.

Stacee: Yes.  What Michelle and Christina said.  For me, the relationship between Celaena and Dorian was a lot of fun.  They both got along so well and couple that with the flirty banter and I was sold.  My favorite scene between the two of them is the bag of candy scene.... If you've read it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, you have something to look forward to.



Michelle: Celaena and Chaol was a friendship that needed to marinate. They are both warriors, fierce in their own right. They both have similar personalities, regardless of their background. And I think this is why their relationship became so strong and passionate. There’s something to be said about a relationship between two people who are linked in such a way that it transcends what can be seen at face value. There’s a link that just can’t be described. And this is the type of friendship that I have with Christina and Stacee. We know each other well enough to support one another, no matter what it is. We all come from different backgrounds, but we all share many commonalities. It’s a friendship that will last throughout the ages. (*Christina sniffles* That was beautiful, M. I heart you.) [S: A perfect example of how amazing Michelle is. All of the hugs, M.]

Christina: I think what drew me more to Chaol and Celaena’s friendship was the fact that he pushed her to be better, stronger, faster when others who knew her real identity were happy just to rely on that, and those that didn’t, doubted her drive and competitiveness at all because of her size. Sometimes you need a good kick in the ass, and for me, I appreciate someone that isn’t going to kiss my behind and only expect minimal effort from me when I’m capable of so much more. Chaol was that motivator for Celaena and because of that and their shared bond and warrior spirit, a deeper understanding of the other character was born between them. And I know we’re talking about friendship, but... Holy. Chemistry. Batman!

Stacee: Yes.  What Michelle and Christina said.  I loved the relationship between Celaena and Chaol because it was built out of respect for each other. He only wanted the best for Celaena and it would just shine through with every interaction the two of them had.  And like Christina so eloquently pointed out, holy chemistry indeed.


Michelle: Every now and then, nothing beats a friendship of the same sex. Celaena and Nehemia are both strong women, both filled with intelligence and knowledge. But with all of this strength, they both gravitate towards the emotional pull of women companionship. Whatever their topics of conversation, it was easy for them. May it be politics, magic, or the gentlemen in their life, Celaena and Nehemia found solidarity within each other. Once again, Christina and Stacee provide this for me. We swoon over literary boys (like Chaol and Dorian) and appreciate strong women (like Celaena and Nehemia).

Christina: Exactly everything that Michelle said! When Celaena felt like too much was on her plate and her mind was riddled with secrets, she found the best confidant in Nehemia. I think she was also able to respect Nehemia’s opinion because she shared so many of the strong-willed attributes and weaknesses that she found in herself. Besides, sometimes a girl just needs another girl because we get it on a level that guys, in general, will never be able to understand. We females are compassionate when it’s necessary, but we can just as easily bring hell and badassery to support our girls. That’s what I saw between these two and something I find myself in both of my fellow confidants.

Stacee: Yes.  What Michelle and Christina said. *sits in the corner and sobs from the feels*


Michelle: Dorian and Chaol’s friendship is long-standing. They grew up with each other. They know the path that the other has taken. It is friendships like these that I yearn for. There is something to be said about knowing someone throughout all of their changes in life. Dorian knows Chaol’s challenges with his family, as does Chaol know the pressure of the royal path Dorian lives. There’s a bond that is like familial blood, but is stronger because it was a chosen bond. I’ve never had this, but I imagine it to be an amazing part of a friendship.

Christina: I, too, want this type of connection with another person-- to know the ins and outs of their mind, to be able have a conversation when no words are spoken aloud, and to be able to believe that this person will always have my back no matter the circumstance. Of all the pairings, I feel like I expect and rely on this friendship the most. They may not be blood brothers, but the tie that binds them is stronger than any familial one that I can think of, be it real life or fictional.

Stacee: Yes.  What Michelle and Christina said.  The friendship between Dorian and Chaol is dynamic.  Since Chaol has known Dorian since childhood, he has the ability to push Dorian in ways that other people can't.  This particular friendship is one that I'm eager to watch as the books progress.


Huge thanks, hugs and undying love for my bitches, Michelle and Christina: for helping me out here, for all of your support, and being my sounding board on almost everything [regardless of how ridiculous it is]. Words can't express how much I flove you both. 

You should definitely start stalking them check out their blogs and GoodReads pages:

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All of the amazing fan art photos came from Sarah's Pinterest page. There were so many pictures that I wanted to include... Definitely go check them out!

Now tell me, which relationship in Throne of Glass is your favorite?

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  1. I love the illustrations! I can't wait to read these books!



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