Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The time Linda from Mysterious Galaxy was extra awesome.

So.  A few weeks ago, Stacey Jay was tweeting back and forth with Mysterious Galaxy about her upcoming visit to San Diego and how she wanted to come into the store and sign their back stock.  Seeing that I follow both, I was privy to the entire conversation and I eagerly jumped in, first asking Stacey if she would sign my copy of Juliet Immortal that I dropped off and then asking MG if they would let me drop a book off.

Stacey answered and agreed right away. She gave me a vague time frame of when she'd be in town, as her plans hadn't been finalized.  The next day, after not hearing back from MG on Twitter, I emailed the store asking the same question.  In the responding email, I was told that if I purchased the book in the store, it would have been already signed, and further more, the person sending the email knew nothing of the signing. 

I responded to the person [who didn't sign off with a name, just the MG signature that automatically goes on every email] that it wasn't an "official" signing, but Stacey just dropping in.  I added that I got the information from their Twitter account.  I thanked Anonymous for getting back to me and just figured that I would have to wait for Stacey to tour for her next book.

Enter Linda.

She responded to my email saying that she was looking into the conversation with Stacey on Twitter and would let me know what was going on.  Needless to say, Linda confirmed that Stacey was planning on coming in and that I absolutely could drop off my book for her to sign.

Flash forward to today, I got an email from Linda telling me that my book was signed and all ready to be picked up.  Of course, I went down there immediately after work.

As if I couldn't love MG more...

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