Saturday, November 24, 2012

The time we met Captain Jack

Honestly, I have no idea how I learned about the John Barrowman signing. All I know is that I learned about it and we were going.

We got out to Palm Springs just before 4pm [the event start time] and there was a good sized line of people already down the block.

I left Hubs at the end of the line and went into the bookstore to buy books. Thankfully, they hadn't sold out or shut down the line. As we waited, someone walked up and down the line, offering white wine or water. And the group of people I was near was somehow designated at the group that was constantly asked "what are you waiting for?"

We started out telling the truth... But of course we quickly started making things up. Free tattoos, free coffee and free circumcisions [courtesy of John's neighbor, Scott, who was in line behind us] were what we came up with for future inquiries.

There wasn't a talk/Q&A, so the line started moving right away. As we passed the windows to the store, we saw John sitting there, interacting with people. Including a kid dressed as a Tardis and a baby that he walked around the store with.

We got into the book store after about an hour. They had 2 people there before the table to double check the books were flapped. And then Carole was ready for us.

It went by quickly, but Carole and John were both friendly and smiling while signing.

And while we were up at the table, John saw Scott in line and yelled for him to stop waiting in line. Scott came up and John was telling us how they were neighbors and he drank all of Scott's alcohol the night before. John then apologized for talking to Scott while we were in front of him.

John was also cool with signing my Tardis bag and phone case. And taking pictures.

We then somehow found a Christmas light slash art show slash someones house. The entire house was covered in lights and decorations, there were sculptures all over it was just amazing.

Between meeting Captain Jack and seeing Robolights, it was an excellent trip to Palm Springs.


  1. That would be so cool! I am very jealous.

    1. Even though it went quickly, he was so nice. :D



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