Thursday, April 12, 2012

The time it was a social event.

Trying to hunt down Cynthia Hand has been a difficult task. As soon as Hallowed came out, I was watching her website for any upcoming signings. When the Spring Into the Future tour was announced and I saw that Cynthia was scheduled to be appearing at the LA stop, I double checked the date. She had the dates listed for the RT convention instead of the LA stop. I had tweeted her and didn't hear anything back right away.

So. Knowing that Tahereh Mafi is ALWAYS on Twitter [and she's really good at answering my inane questions, unless I ask for magnets and ARCs of Shatter Me and then she just laughs], I asked Tahereh if she could confirm that Cynthia was going to be there. Tahereh said that as far as she knew, yes Cynthia was going to be there.

Cynthia did get back to me on Twitter and said that they were trying to figure the dates out. She needed to rearrange her appearance times at RT before she could commit to it, but that it looked like it was going to happen. The other authors who were going to be there were all women I had already met, several times. The only author I hadn't met/read was Anna Carey...

On the night of the event, we got up to Vroman's around 5 and who did I find? Nicole and Ava. Lauren from Swoontini was also there and there may have been some fantastic hugs.  The 4 of us sat together and passed the time chatting up the books we've read and what we thought about them. We also talked about CC and the different panels. It was so so so much fun to be able to talk with them, not just because they are all fabulous [oh, they are], but I don't really have anyone in real life who is as passionate about reading as I am.

The event started around 6:15, with a brief introduction of each of the women by one of the Vroman's employees. After each woman gave a brief synopsis of their book, the Q&A started.

One of the best questions of the night was if the high school versions of the authors would have been friends with their main characters. I not even going to pretend that I remember all of the answers....

What I do remember laughing at was Tahereh saying that Juliet would have said, "Hey, I'm trying to lead a revolution" and Tahereh's answer being "Okay, I'll be over here". Veronica said that she would have just stared at Perry a lot, but that he wouldn't have wanted anything to do with her.

Then Marie Lu asked "If your main characters were in Harry Potter, what house would they be sorted into?"

Veronica said: Aria and Perry: Gryffindor

Tahereh said: Juliet and Adam: Gryffindor; Warner: Slytherin ["and he'd love it"]

Marie said: Day: Gryffindor June: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Cynthia said: Clara, Tucker and Christian: Gryffindor, Angela: Ravenclaw

After about an hour of questions, the signing started. Having seen all of the other authors, I only had books for Cynthia. I still wanted to say hi to Veronica [who hugged me again! *squee*] and Tahereh. They told me it was nice to see me again and that they now expected me to join them at all of the stops for the rest of the tour.

I was able to procure another of Tahereh's awesome bookmarks. I didn't want to use the first one because it was so pretty... Of course she gave me some crap about it. I also got bookmarks from Veronica and Cynthia. 

When I got to Cynthia, I thanked her for being at Vroman's and admitted to being the person on Twitter who kept hounding her about the event. Annnnnnnd, she remembered me. I told her that we drove up from San Diego specifically for her and that was the reason that I kept asking.

I had a signed copy of Unearthly and asked of she would personalize it. She did and she even knew it came from MG.

They also had an awesome poster that I got signed by all of the authors. [Except, now that I look at it, I didn't get Cynthia to sign it *facepalm*]

As always, this group of authors was just a lot of fun. They all give hilarious answers. I will forever be attending their events.


  1. I'm so jealous of your bookmarks. I love getting pretty, signed bookmarks!

    1. I just recently started taking them. Except for the one Tahereh gives out, I never paid attention to them. Now I got a good collection. :)

  2. I am full of the jealous! one day, I'll be at one of these things with you! xo

    1. We will run around ALA together and have all of the fun!!



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